Scarlett – GI Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 3


Just like a fresh cuppa Joe! The newest wave G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figures is here to lift your spirits and perk up your G.I. Joe collection! Wave 3 of Super7’s ULTIMATES! lineup includes some of the most capable, fearsome, mysterious, and underappreciated characters in the G.I. Joe universe: Scarlett, Doc, a Cobra Trooper, and Storm Shadow! Now you can finally re-create the classic “So a ninja, a doctor, a Cobra Trooper, and a covert ops specialist walk into a bar…” joke! Even if recreating that gag isn’t on your bucket list, these limited edition, made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figures are simply to die for! So don’t miss out! Order yours today!





Beauty may only be skin deep, but lethal goes clean to the bone. With sniper, martial arts, and covert ops training, those who misjudge Scarlett as a less than a formidable opponent do so at their own peril! This 7” scale highly articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Scarlett features premium decoration and comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as a variety of accessories, including her crossbow and a medley of trick arrows. Scarlett may be tougher than she looks, but her made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure is every bit as amazing as it appears and would be a great addition to your roster of G.I. Joe collectibles!


  • ●  3x interchangeable heads
    • ○  1x neutral head
    • ○  1x smiling head
    • ○  1x headset head
  • ●  6x interchangeable hands
    • ○  2x fist hands
    • ○  2x chopping hands
    • ○  2x weapon gripping hands
  • ●  1x quiver
  • ●  3x thermal arrows
  • ●  1x grapple arrow with rope
  • ●  1x jammer arrow
  • ●  1x incendiary arrow
  • ●  1x communicator
  • ●  1x M16 rifle
  • ●  1x small crossbow
  • ●  1x large crossbow

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 10.7 × 4.1 in
Country of origin