Storm Shadow – GI Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 3


Just like a fresh cuppa Joe! The newest wave G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figures is here to lift your spirits and perk up your G.I. Joe collection! Wave 3 of Super7’s ULTIMATES! lineup includes some of the most capable, fearsome, mysterious, and underappreciated characters in the G.I. Joe universe: Scarlett, Doc, a Cobra Trooper, and Storm Shadow! Now you can finally re-create the classic “So a ninja, a doctor, a Cobra Trooper, and a covert ops specialist walk into a bar…” joke! Even if recreating that gag isn’t on your bucket list, these limited edition, made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figures are simply to die for! So don’t miss out! Order yours today!


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Storm Shadow

With shifting allegiances and a mysterious past, it’s hard to know where Storm Shadow’s loyalty truly lies, but this ninja comes from a long line of assassins and is a deadly foe to any who face him in battle! This 7” scale highly articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Storm Shadow features premium decoration and comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as a healthy arsenal of weapons. The only thing about Storm Shadow that isn’t a mystery is how cool his made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure is, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to add it to your collection!

● 2x interchangeable heads

  • ○  1x neutral head
  • ○  1x diving mask head page12image32530112

● 10x interchangeable hands
○ 2x fist hands

  • ○  2x weapon holding hands
  • ○  2x bow holding hands
  • ○  2x chopping hands
  • ○  2x fighting hands
  • ●  1x alternate un-wrapped forearm w/ Arashikage tattoo
  • ●  1x Excalibur (GID)
  • ●  1x katana
  • ●  1x wakizashi
  • ●  1x tanto
  • ●  3x throwing stars
  • ●  3x arrows
  • ●  1x bow
  • ●  1x nunchucks
  • ●  1x sniper rifle

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